We love vinyl records. They add art, style and uniqueness to everyday moments.
HD Vinyl updates this iconic format to modern technology, creating highly deserved improvements for consumers, artists and manufacturers.


Update to the next generation of records

Enjoy the best quality, no matter which copy

Play with your standard turntable

Labels & Artists

Get precise reproduction

Push the limits of sound

Optimize playing time


Avoid toxic chemicals

Produce faster

Suffer no stamper wear

What people say about HD Vinyl

Pro-Ject, Buzz Godard"There is potential for significant sound improvement, along with much less variability of individual records. Other benefits include faster manufacturing turns and less environmental damage."
What Hi-Fi?"We find we're rather impatient all of a sudden."
GZ Media, Michal Sterba"HD Vinyl - changing completely the mastering/galvanic process."
Discogs"With the format thriving and new innovations like the HD vinyl on the way, the future looks bright for our beloved friend. "
The Verge" These HD records will operate exactly the same as regular records. They will work on existing turntables, and can be used with ordinary styluses."
Noisey"Hold on to your extremely good quality headphones!!!!"