HD Vinyl creates highly deserved benefits

Manufacturers produce faster, avoid toxic chemicals and suffer no stamper wear

HD Vinyl revolutionizes stamper production

HD Vinyl records are pressed from the original stamper, not from a copy of a copy of a copy. Production is faster and suffers no audio loss from multiple copying. 

A precision laser cuts a perfect groove into the ceramic stamper eliminating all toxic chemicals currently used in the stamper production.

Due to the superior nature of ceramic over nickle, the quality is the same regardless of how many copies are pressed.

Labels get precise reproduction, better sound quality and longer playing time

HD Vinyl benefits labels and artists in many ways

Our software optimizes the gaps between the grooves for up to 30% more audio information. This can be used for more dynamic or a better signal-to-noise-ratio.

The additional space also increases playing time by 30%, offering you more artistical freedom and reducing the need for multiple discs.

HD Vinyl can be optimized for either radial or tangential scanning, thus eliminating the radial/tangential error.

Vinyl lovers enjoy the best sound possible with any player and in consistent quality

HD vinyl will offer consumers the best sound possible

HD Vinyl enables a higher frequency range than traditional records, thus preserving the full spectrum.  Instead of pressing from a copy of a copy of a copy, you get the sound from the original stamper.

You can enjoy HD Vinyl on any standard record player, as it is backwards compatible. It offers optimized sound for both radial and tangential turntables.

And no matter which copy your HD Vinyl is, you get the same quality as the very first because there is no stamper-wear.

Why HD Vinyl?

HD vinyl stamper simulation


Traditional vinyl mastering is a complicated process. The stamper that presses the records is acutally a copy of a copy of a copy.  The lacquer first produces a father disc, which then produces a mother disc, which then makes the stamper.  It’s easy to see why audio is lost during multiple copying. HD Vinyl stampers are cut by laser into a ceramic stamper which presses the records directly - no copying needed!

HD Vinyl aims to create a perfect groove

Perfect groove technology

By perfectly controlling the shape of the groove and minimizing the space inbetween, HD Vinyl enhances the sound quality massively. With a 30% higher amplitude, dynamics and/or the signal-to-noise ratio can be improved. HD Vinyl records can store up to 30 minutes on one side, without diminishing audio quality. The grooves can be optimized for either radial or tangetial scanning, thus eliminating any error resulting from tilting of the needle.

Consistent quality of every copy

The HD Vinyl stamper is made of ceramic, a long-lasting and chemically stable material. In contrast to nickel, ceramic allows vinyl to easily seperate leaving no residuals. This ensures that the first copy of a pressing has the same quality as the 10,000th copy.

The so far used nickel-stamper are replaced every 1,000 to 1,500 copies due to wear. The quality between first and last copy differs considerably.

No more toxic waste

Traditional stamper production involves electroplating, a toxic process with environmentally hazardous byproducts. For manufacturers high costs aries for disposing of toxic waste and ensuring a safe work environment. HD Vinyl stampers are made out of ceramic and cut with lasers, completely omitting toxic chemicals. Production is compliant with even the highest environmental standards.

HD Vinyl process in detail

Step 1: Audio to 3D conversion

As  a first step, we convert a high-resolution audio file into a topographic 3D map.  Because we know the exact width of the amplitude at any time,  we can virtually remove unnecessary gaps between the grooves. 

We  can also correct the tangential/radial error caused by the fact that the lacquer is traditionally cut at a tangential angle, but most turntables read in a  radial angle. This results in a constant tilt of the needle. 

This groove optimization results in 30% more playing time.  Or, we can use the additional space to create a completely augmented listening experience by increasing the amplitude.  The result is that HD Vinyl has far better dynamics and much better S/N ratios.

Step 2: Laser Engraving

Once optimized, the 3D topographic map will be engraved with a high precision laser onto a ceramic plate. No more toxic electroplating necessary. 

Opposed to a traditional etcher, a laser cannot overheat and thus cuts finer structures. We can cut up to 100kHz onto the outer edge of the disk.  By comparison, a traditional vinyl record can realize a maximum 15kHz, losing higher notes.

Step 3: Pressing

We use ceramic materials for the stamper.  This ensures that there’s no quality difference between the first and last copy produced.  

In the traditional vinyl pressing process, a nickel stamper has to be replaced after a maximum of 1,000 copies because of wear.  Even worse, there’s a huge quality difference between copies no. 1 and 1,000.  That’s one of the reasons why vinyl collectors pay more for earlier copies.  

With HD Vinyl there’s no such quality difference: the first and the last copy have the absolut same high quality.


This short video shows a first test where a high precision laser cuts simple structures into a ceramic plate. Later the laser will cut the ridges, not the grooves in order to be able to press the vinyl records directly from the laser cut stamper.

About Rebeat Innovation


Music is in our DNA

Music and technology are deeply anchored in our company's DNA. Rebeat was  founded by Guenter Loibl back in 2001. We started as a small CD and DVD distributor.  In 2006, Rebeat re-invented itself as a digital music distributor.

In 2015, Rebeat MES (for Music Enterprise Software) was born. It is the first - and still the only - system that integrates a fully-flexible distribution matrix with a complete solution for royalty accounting. It covers all distribution and royalty accounting needs of labels and even allows third-party aggregators to be added. 

In 2016, Mr. Loibl had this crazy idea to make records with lasers :-) He approached JOANNEUM RESEARCH and found in Dr. Volker Schmidt an expert in laser technology, who has the same adventurous and innovative mindset. Together they developed a revolutionary idea that we simply call HD Vinyl. 

Stellenangebot: Software Entwickler/in in Österreich

Revolutioniere mit uns die Vinyl-Industrie und komm in unser Team in Tulln (NÖ) oder in Weiz (Steiermark). Dein abwechslungsreiches Aufgabengebiet reicht von der Mitarbeit an unserer "Perfect Groove" Software, über das Gestalten und Implementieren von Austauschprozess für Big Data bis zum Management von Schnittstellen.

Für den Job brauchst du Erfahrung in C/C++, Matlab, Python and eventuell JUCE Framework. Weitere Details findest du im PDF. Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung!

Stellenangebot Software-Entwickler/in (PDF)

What People Are Saying

Pro-Ject Audio Systems, a leader in record players

Pro-Ject on HD Vinyl

Buzz Godard "There is potential for significant sound improvement, along with much less variability of individual records. Other benefits include faster manufacturing turns and less environmental damage."  

GZ Media, world largest manufacturer of records

HD Vinyl changes completely the stamper production

Michal Sterba, CEO:  "HD Vinyl - changing completely the mastering/galvanic process." 

The Verge

The Verge on HD Vinyl

" These HD records will operate exactly the same as regular records. They  will work on existing turntables, and can be used with ordinary styluses."

What Hi-Fi?


"We find we're rather impatient all of a sudden."


Discogs on HD Vinyl

"With the format thriving and new innovations like the HD vinyl on the way, the future looks bright for our beloved friend. "


HD Vinyl

"Hold on to your extremely good quality headphones!!!!"

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