Roadmap 202020191219104039

Roadmap 2020

19. Dezember 2019
The past few weeks have been pretty exciting for us. Mid of December we tried for the first time eve...
NAMM 2020 in LA20191210102804

NAMM 2020 in LA

10. Dezember 2019
Are you at the NAMM 2020 in Los Angeles? Then stop by our booth 12000, take a look at our Perfect Gr...
HD what? Discover what HD Vinyl really means20191127115700

HD what? Discover what HD Vinyl really means

27. November 2019
Let`s get the elephant out of the room: HD does not stand for “High-definition”.  Then w...
Meet us at Making Vinyl20190813092938

Meet us at Making Vinyl

13. August 2019
This years Making Vinyl takes place on 14 and 15 October 2019 in Los Angeles. Meet us there, get an ...
Perfect Groove GUI20160124081108

Perfect Groove GUI

24. Januar 2016
Take a first glimps at the GUI of our Perfect Groove Software. With this software, mastering studios...