Perfect Groove for Vinyl Cutting released

The very first GUI test of Perfect Groove was presented in May 2019 at the Making Vinyl in Berlin. Today we are proud to announce the launch of the standard version of Perfect Groove, a diagnostic tool for vinyl disk cutting or what we like to call a „virtual cutting lathe“.

“Initially Perfect Groove was developed for creating a 3D topography needed for laser-cutting HD Vinyl stampers“ recalls Andreas Wagner, our Head of Development. “However, the mastering engineers soon started discussing the possibilities for analog lacquer cutting. This is how we got the idea for a virtual cutting lathe.“ The standard version of Perfect Groove is now available at a limited introduction price, making lacquer cutting easier, faster and better controllable.

Video: Perfect Groove - How a virtual cutting lathe works

In order to understand the needs of the engineers, we collaborated with world-renowned mastering legend Scott Hull. He helped us to understand the process and provided expert knowledge on how to make lacquer cutting easier, faster and better controllable.

Mastering Engineer Scott Hull

This software is a game changer“ says Hull. „You can see and test your cut specs before you waste a single blank disk.  Better than meters – this software simulates the actual groove that would be cut by your lathe. Adjustable pass and fail points can be set for production and you can see at a glance – outside of the cutting room – what issues you will face at the lathe – and where they are physically on each side you process. A great time saving tool for every disk cutting facility.“

  • Buy Perfect Groove for Vinyl Cutting now at a imited intro price of € 499.- instead of € 599.- (all prices excluding tax).
  • Test Perfect Groove 10 days for free
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  • Purchase Perfect Groove for Vinyl Cutting now and upgrade to Perfect Groove HD later at a discount