We love vinyl records. They add art, style and uniqueness to everyday moments.

And just like some moments deserve more than music streaming, vinyl records deserve an update to modern technology. A technology that harvests the full power of analog, eliminates toxic chemicals from the process and guarantees a consistently high quality.

This is why Rebeat invented HD Vinyl.

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Guenter Loibl, CEO Rebeat

Günter Loibl, CEO

HD Vinyl Test Groove

HD Vinyl Stamper (Test)

Volker Schmidt, CTO Rebeat

Dr. Volker Schmidt, CTO

Perfect Groove Software

Perfect Groove Software

Thomas Neuroth, CFO Rebeat

Thomas Neuroth, CFO

How a crazy idea comes to life

Rebeat started as a small CD and DVD distribution company in 2001. When music online platforms emerged our company evolved into a digital music distributor making it easier for labels and artists to sell their music online. It was during a meeting with one of our distribution clients, that the idea for HD Vinyl was born.

Our customer was excited about the resurgence of vinyl records but also frustrated with the slow, complex and hard-to-control production process. Which is not suprising, considering the fact that the production process has been more or less the same for over 70 years.

Günter Loibl, CEO of Rebeat, felt that labels, artists and consumers deserved better. „Why not use lasers for producing the stampers?“ was his first thought. The idea stuck with him, but how do you go about it?

You google. And with some luck you find Dr. Volker Schmidt, metalhead and senior scientist at the FH Joanneum. Together they founded Rebeat Innovation and spent the next two years securing financing.

Since then, we took many small steps to bring HD Vinyl to your turntable. We established a team, invested in a USD 600,000 laser unit, programmed our own 3D topography software and developed a mold for pressing machines. Stay tuned!


Günter Loibl, CEO
Günter is an entrepreneur with a passion for music and new technologies. Amongst others he owns a digital music distribution, a record label and of course Rebeat Innovation.


Dr. Volker Schmidt, CTO
Volker is the technical mastermind behind HD Vinyl, he has a PhD in technical physics and is an expert for 3D laser micro-structuring, laser-material-interdependency and optical design of photonic micro-systems.


Thomas Neuroth, CFO
Thomas is a business angel with a commercial as well as a technical background. In our company he focuses on financing, strategic positioning and team building.