Latest test pressing results

During the past couple of months we worked on finalizing the laser cutting process. Cutting quality as well as speed are almost where they need to be for industrial production. Within the next weeks we plan to release an audio sample of a test cut on ceramic to demonstrate the sound quality.

The picture above shows a microscopic detail of a HD Vinyl groove with actual audio content.

Results of test pressing in June 2020

After the COVID-19 travel ban was lifted, we were able to conduct another HD Vinyl test pressing at our partner GZ Media in Czech Republic. The results are:

  • The vacuum attachment works, the newly developed mold only requires small adjustments.
  • Pressing was successfully done with the ceramic stamper withstanding the pressure.
  • Demoulding of the stamper from the vinyl arose being an issue. The next challenge is to find the reason and a solution.


Further comprehensive investigation on the pressing process is needed. This requires our own pressing machine, which we will set up as soon as possible.

However, we are forced to revise our time schedule for the expected launch of HD Vinyl. At the moment early 2021 seems feasible.

HD Vinyl test pressing June 2020

Commencing of beta-testing of Perfect Groove software

First feedback from recording studios on our Perfect Groove software was very positive. Many asked to use the software not only for creating 3D topography for HD Vinyl but as a „virtual cutting lathe“, emulating the grooves and creating a preview of the master disk.

Our software team has been working on this virtual cutting lathe functionality for the past months and now we are ready to start beta-testing with selected audio engineers. The plan is to launch the software in a basic version by autumn. The HD Vinyl version will follow as soon as the pressing process is ready.