What is HD Vinyl? Discover what the HD really stands for

Let`s get the elephant out of the room: HD does not stand for „High-definition“.  Then what does it mean?

Image of improved technology

When you choose a name for your product, you want it to be

  • easy to remember,
  • easy to pronounce and
  • easy to understand (in terms of what the product is).


From those preconditions the third one usally is the hardest to achieve. At least it was for us. How to express in one or two words that our new technology will update vinyl record production to a modern standard?

Our solution was to use HD to convey an image of a better and improved technology. We want to explain our product without technical terms. And it worked. When we presented our idea first to investors, they immediately understood what the technology is about.


HD stands for …

Besides, the two letters HD in our brand name have a real background. They can be translated with „High Dynamic“ because mastering engineers have now the ability to push the limits of sound quality by improving the dynamic range. They also mean „High Density“ as mastering engineers can optimize the space between the grooves and thus can increase playing time.


…Highly Deserved

However, at the end of the day we like to translate HD with „Highly Deserved“ because we believe that

  • vinyl records deserve a modern production process
  • artists deserve the best reproduction of their work
  • consumers deserve a consistent quality no matter which copy they buy and
  • the environment deserves a technology that eliminates highly toxic chemicals.